Charles XIV (1982 - Present), known as the Beloved (le Bien-Aime) is a monarch of the House of Bourbon who rules as King of France and Navarre since 2001, with the death of his father, Louis Xavier XXII.

He has reigned as a constitutional monarch, with five Prime Ministers serving under him. He has been known well and has become beloved for defending the constitution of France, and upholding it in Parliament.

Reign of Louis XXII - His Royal Highness, Monseigneur le Dauphin Edit

Charles Antoine XIV was born on the 6th of May, 1982 at the Palais-Royal, in Paris. The birth was unexpected, thus why it was performed at the Palace rather than in a hospital. He was the first child of Louis XXII and his wife, Maria Sofia of Spain, who had some difficulty conceiving for quite a few years.

He had a good upbringing, attending school at Lycée Louis-le-Grand, known for its prestige and good quality of education.


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